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Data Works MD consists of professionals, students, and enthusiasts living and working in the Maryland area that are interested in topics related to data science, data analytics, data products, software engineering, machine learning, and other data engineering topics.

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August 17, 2022

Data Analysis with Cyber Security

As large-scale networks become more complicated, new requirements for data collection can be impacted in an office environment. In this talk, we will discuss several of the tools used to perform analysis and manipulation of network data for use by analysts. We will be working with Zeek, Yet Another Flowmeter, Pandas, Docker, and scikit-learn ML models.


May 24, 2022

How to use Sentiment Analysis for Marketing

Sentiment analysis is an artificial intelligence technique that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text for polarity of opinion (positive to negative). Understanding how people are responding to specific ad campaigns through social media interaction or how well a product is being received through reviews can be a powerful tool to drive business decisions for any organization. During this discussion, I will introduce the process for establishing a corpus and creating a Sentiment Analysis model using Python's Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK) and Tensorflow. Join us in May as we return to in-person events with a workshop on using NLP for marketing. This will be an interactive event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to follow along with the speaker.


April 5, 2022

The "Smart" White Cane - Using Augmentation for Navigation

People with blindness or impaired vision often face major challenges when navigating, especially in new environments or when traveling alone. Stanford University’s Intelligent Systems Lab recently developed a “smart” white cane that uses technology from self-driving cars to augment the traditional white cane and help users navigate safely and confidently. This talk will highlight this augmented cane, survey similar inventions, and explore key challenges and opportunities in designing navigation aids for people with blindness or impaired vision.


March 22, 2022

The Power of Attribute-Based Access Control

The terms role-based access control and attribute-based access control are well known, but not necessarily well understood — or well defined, for that matter. If attribute-based access control includes user roles, then what is role-based access control? Where is the line drawn? Fundamentally, these data access control terms — role-based access control and attribute-based access control — are poorly named and confusing. That’s because they are less about the role or attribute, and more about how the policy is handled. Policies are central to access controls and how they’re applied is the defining factor between role-based and attribute-based access control. More importantly, what they allow data teams to do distinguishes highly efficient and secure data use from cumbersome, risky practices.


Feburary 27, 2022

Demystifying Micro-Frontends

In 2019 a new frontend architecture raised from the community getting more traction in medium-large size companies. The community splits into people who believes micro-frontends could help delivering autonomous part of our applications accelerating and improving the way organisations work and who believes are not a silver bullet and they could be considered almost an anti-pattern. During this session, Luca will provide an explanation of what micro-frontends are and what are the key concepts behind this new frontend architecture


November 9, 2021

Introducing D3FEND, A Knowledge Graph of Cybersecurity Countermeasures

D3FEND is a knowledge base, but more specifically a knowledge graph, of cybersecurity countermeasure techniques. In the simplest sense, it is a catalog of defensive cybersecurity techniques and their relationships to offensive/adversary techniques. The primary goal of the initial D3FEND release is to help standardize the vocabulary used to describe defensive cybersecurity technology functionality.


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